December 24, 2015

Google Email & Google Apps

Google Email & Google Apps

We put nearly every client we service onto the Google Apps email platform.

Here’s a brief explanation of why:

Google Apps is not just an email platform, it’s a full suite of services and infrastructure including Google Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Youtube, and so much more.  This suite is a powerful set of tools with which a small business can improve their productivity and streamline their process.

Google SPAM filtering is top of the line, and benefits from the shared judgement of over 500 million users.

It’s easy to setup on nearly every device, including iPhones, Android devices, and Windows Mobile.  It also works well with Microsoft Outlook.

It’s cheap.  While $50/user per year isn’t quite free, for what you get, it’s pretty cheap, less than $4.50/month.  For what you get it’s a great deal!





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