September 8, 2015

How We Provide Triple Redundancy For Your Website

How We Provide Triple Redundancy For Your Website

To ensure that we never loose a single file from your website, and that we are always able to repair/restore rapidly from any issue that we may encounter, we rely on a triple redundant system of backups.

This system is anchored by the long term trust which our preferred host, ICDSoft has, earned and the internal backups which they perform every 3 days.  This is our first layer of contingency.  Should any issue occur, we can restore the website to what it looks like at a point in the last 72 hours with just a few clicks.

Our second layer of redundancy involves a complete weekly backup stored on the ICDSoft servers.  This backup is a snapshot of your entire website take once per week.  If an issue arises that is not caught in the first 72 hours, this backup is designed to offer us a 2nd contingency point from which to restore with just a few clicks.

Our final redundancy includes an offsite backup of your website, completed bimonthly, and stored (depending upon our client’s preferences) in Dropbox or Google Drive.  While this backup cannot be restored with just a few clicks, should disaster strike, we can use it to restore your website in a few hours, and ensure that no matter what happens, the equity you’ve built in your website is always safeguarded.

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