August 25, 2015

Why We Choose ICDSoft Hosting

Why We Choose ICDSoft Hosting

When clients ask us about our hosting, we proudly explain that our hosting is provided by ICD Soft.  This trusted partner has been in business since 1994 and provides us the highest quality hosting and backup services in the industry.

With server’s throughout the world, ICD Soft provides Transcending Creative with a trusted, 99.997% uptime solution and nearly instantaneous support 24/7/365.  The friend who referred our company described her experience by saying that she had “never had a website down because of hosting problems”.

With over 120,000 domains hosted on their platform they provide one service, and do it very, very well!


We are a proud reseller of this service and would recommend it to anyone!

For those of you who need anymore proof, check out their Testimonials.

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