About Federal Employee Benefits Advocates

Federal Employee Benefits Advocates (FEBA) is a small business located in Parker, Colorado that provides financial advising and support to Federal employees. Their goal is to educate their customers about various topics revolving around Federal benefits including financial management, retirement planning, disability, and insurance programs.


Project Goal: We became acquainted with the owners of FEBA after providing them with technical assistance on their existing website. After spending some time with them on this, we suggested that they rebuild their website in order to more accurately portray the professional nature of their brand. The owners welcomingly accepted our advice so we put our best designers and developers to the task.


Method: We wanted to develop a new website for FEBA that would not only improve their brand identity, but also streamline their business processes. Thus, the new site included the facilitation of e-commerce, an enhancement that would allow the company to save generous amounts of time devoted to admin work. We also advised altering the website url to improve its user friendliness and provide a more positive experience for consumers. In addition, we worked with our clients to craft a marketing campaign designed to target a very specific segmented audience in order to provide them with a positive return on their investment.


Results: The owners of the company were incredibly pleased with their new website in terms of both its efficiency and appearance. The new site will help FEBA gain added advantage over their competitors and facilitate the growth of their company.


Services Provided:

The course of this project included the following marketing and consultation services:

  • Website redesign
  • Woocommerce powered ecommerce
  • Identity and branding
  • Digital strategy
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