Comprehensive web design & ecommerce strategy for Denver's favorite truck accessory store

About Suburban Toppers

Suburban Toppers is a small, family owned business that’s been operating in Denver, Colorado  since 1985. Suburban Toppers offers a sleek and modern solution for transforming your ordinary vehicle into a rugged, multi-functioning machine that’s perfect for work or play.


Project Goal: Completely renovate our client’s twelve year old website with modern design and functionality for a more successful user experience.


Method: We began by creating a platform that would allow consumers to see the full extent of our client’s inventory. We also worked to improve their search visibility and focused intensely on outlying markets in order to reach the full extent of their targeted audience. In addition, we created a complete online marketplace for our clients and facilitated the ability for them to be able to upload their used products. Then we trained our clients extensively on how to use their new website so that they could update it frequently on their own.


The Results: In essence, we transformed an outdated eight page site into a fully customized 200 page online database with ecommerce capabilities. By implementing the right strategies, we were able to bring this 30 year old business into the 21st century.


Services Provided

The course of this project included the following marketing and consultation services:

  • Customized WordPress website development
  • WooCommerce powered product listings
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google apps infrastructure consulting
  • Website hosting
  • Facilitated training
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